In October of 2020, I was honored when my "Vote" poster was chosen to be displayed in Times Square. Since then I have begun working on my Creatures of Comfort series, short comics, and all sorts of little sketches. 

Creatures of Comfort was conceived as a series of art dedicated to the understanding and remedy of emotions. I wanted to create images of animals experiencing real life feelings and finding comfort in themselves and those around them.  Whether a small cuddle or a large gesture, we often find love and reassurance in the most unexpected places. 

My comics are often influenced by song lyrics that catch my attention. Othertimes its just a matter of enjoying the small things in life.

I am available for commissions as well. I have previously done landscapes, personalized Broadway playbills, and mash-ups of all types. Please feel to reach out via the Contact page or email directly at Hipsterndraws@gmail.com.